Monday, October 21, 2019

Sometimes we need to take a moment to calm our brain.

 Here are a bunch of gifs that can help you find a moment of peace in different ways. If you're still feeling overwhelmed or upset, you can tell a librarian, teacher, or counselor. 

Some can help you slow your breathing until you feel a little better.


For this one, breath in on the up and out on the down

Some have a repetitive pattern that we can follow with our eyes and  it can feel hypnotizing. Try and follow these patterns from beginning to end. 





Some are depictions of calming places where you can disappear for a little bit.




If you're still feeling overwhelmed, tell a librarian, teacher or counselor. 
We're here to help, and we care.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Afrika Lives Research

The Humanities 1 classes are doing research in preparation of Afrika Lives! 

Here are some resources for getting information on your civilizations.

Image result for yoruba dance
Yoruba Traditional Dance

Recommended databases:
Guide and Video tutorials to using the Library Databases:


Friday, September 13, 2019

Welcome Back! Cool things from the Internet...

Welcome Back BAA! 
This year is already moving, and you're going to rock it. 

The first nifty Internet thing of the year comes in the form of an audio map created out of our spontaneous ooohs and ahhhs (something that you'll all be getting soon when people experience the art you're making).

According to Berkeley News, "Those spontaneous sounds we make to express everything from elation (woohoo) to embarrassment (oops) say a lot more about what we’re feeling than previously understood, according to new UC Berkeley research.

Proving that a sigh is not just a sigh, scientists conducted a statistical analysis of listener responses to more than 2,000 nonverbal exclamations known as “vocal bursts” and found they convey at least 24 kinds of emotion. Previous studies of vocal bursts set the number of recognizable emotions closer to 13.

Click on image to visit online audio map. Click "continue" on pop-up box, then move cursor across map to hear exclamations linked to 24 emotions (Graphic courtesy of Alan Cowen).
Click on the photo to visit the map

The results, recently published online in the American Psychologist journal, are demonstrated in vivid sound and color on the first-ever interactive audio map of nonverbal vocal communication."
(Article Here)

Take a few minutes and explore the map, do these reactions sound like yours? Theater folks, musicians, this is a great source for inspiration when you're looking for a sound that captures a specific feeling!

Monday, June 17, 2019

Summer (is Lit) is Here!!!

School is out, the books are all cozy in the shelves for the summer, 
but there is still reading and fun to be had! 
Introducing... the 

Looking for recommendations available at the Boston Public Library? Go Here!

Looking for books and audiobooks you can download to your devices? Go Here!

Looking for the rising 9th grade assignment?

Have a great summer!!!

BAA Summer Reading 2019 Boston Arts Academy Summer reading summer is lit project 2019

Monday, June 3, 2019

Check Out the Amazing Performances by BAA Students!

Spring at BAA means performances and exhibitions of your amazing work! The vocal department and others have been in front of the camera all over the place in the last few weeks, and here are a few of their amazing videos!

The first video is the Springfest Concert dedicated to the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin! Thank you to Danny Rivera for making the video accessible. 

Next, you can see Danny Rivera and Fashion Senior Sarada Murrett-Kam featured in a video about BAA and the arts education we strive for at our school!

The third series of video is the BAA Spirituals performance on Sing That Thing! They performed on Episode 2 and the Finale Episode of season 5 which took place this year!

. You can also check out the BAA performances from season 1 in 2015. That group were featured on episode 4 and the finale in episode 6!