About The Library

Our library program promotes information literacy, appreciation for literature, critical thinking, and respect for diversity.  By meeting standards created by the Massachusetts School Library Association and American Association of School Libraries, we are preparing our students to thrive in today's information-rich society.

Who are we?

Ms. Rose Marz, Library Director
Ms. Marz is a certified library teacher, and is so excited to serve the BAA community. With her English and Library Science background, Ms. Marz is happy to proofread papers, especially those important Hum 3 papers!  She also reads sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal/Steampunk and is a comic book fan, so she would be happy to answer all sorts of questions on those topics. You can email her at rmarz@bostonartsacademy.org

Our collection 

Our library collection has over 15,000 items! This includes Nooks, headphones, CDs, DVDs, music scores, audiobooks, and laptops: all available for student use!

The BAA library has one of the highest circulation numbers (most items checked out) in the district, even though we are a small school. As of January 30, 2018, the BAA has had 1,892 checkouts plus 185 checkouts on our Axis 360 app for the 2018 school year.  Boston Latin School is the only school with a greater number of checkouts, and they don't use Axis 360.

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